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Peter Kennard at Imperial War Museum.jpg

Peter Kennard Installation at Imperial War Museum 2015

How to demonstrate the fading and fragmentation of the experience as it metamorphs into a reminiscence?

In my tutorials this week we have discussed my continued investigation of photography in relation to the capture of an instant moment. Unlike the cognitive, the photograph makes details of the moment identifiable, no matter how many times the image is re-visted and no matter how long after ther event. The visceral experience of re-visiting the event is open to multitudious other elements including emotion, embellishment and loss of details which may have been forgotten or overlooked.

In terms of the experience, the human eye can be considered like a camera - Barthes' "punctum" and "studium" are present but might go unnoticed - perhaps becoming "visible" again if triggered by reminder.

My other chosen medium is printmaking - like the changes which occur in memory each time the same experience is re-visted - each reproduced image in printmaking is repeated and yet different.

One current thought as a means of display is influenced by the Peter Kennard installation which I visited recently at the Imperial War Museum. Kennard hangs multiple photographic images in a small space which the viewer walks into. This way of displaying multiple images could be representative of numerous memories and events stored in the mind.

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