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Update since last week

Friday 10th July

Feedback and thoughts form the Group Crit …

  • How will the viewer realize that my installation is about memory?

  • Linear time and non-linear … how it links to memory

  • Hand held torches?

  • Use an image that everyone remembers?

  • Pressure pads for lighting?

  • Textiles in the surface design room – see Tom


  • The film Blow Up



  • Soundscapes – National Gallery

Saturday 11th July

The table-top printing press has arrived. Spent time getting to grips with what it can do. The acetate printing process works reasonably well – but it is not right for my current practice. I will need to have my images printed at uni then come back and use the cellulite thinners printing process

Monday 13th July

  • Need better quality image and be mindful of losing resolution when enlarging

  • The image I have chosen is unforgettable. How does this support the concept?

  • Keep to the original concept

  • Share my research with my supervisor

Tuesday 14th July

After meeting with my supervisor yesterday I am concentrating again on my proposal…..

Working title

The dissolution of now, wilting into then

What is being explored

  • This enquiry is based upon the fading of an experience as it is consigned to memory.

  • It will also explore nostalgia as both a construct with biographical meaning and a channel for romanticism.

The enquiry will include deeper analysis of statements such as, The state of not knowing is a valuable one. [1] and An absence of meaning opens up a rift in time [2]

The outcomes will determine the final title of the works.

Acetate scan and print on tabletop printer.jpg

[1] Lee, R. speaking at Arts re Search Conference, Oxford Brookes University, 7th June 2015

[2] ibid

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