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Using 35mm slides

Most of yesterday was spent clambering about in our loft seeking out my old photographic equipment and projectors and creating a dark room to set them up in.

Much of this morning has been spent sifting through 35mm photographic slides. I have selected 3 which were taken and processed in the 60’s and 70’s – all contain crowd scenes near water. All 3 images capture a brief moment when much was going on and changing by the second.

I needed to re-mount one of the slides as the original mount (1961) had no protective glass. I also needed to clean the slides which were a little dusty.

Scanning the analogue slides, I created digital images from them.

I am now using Photoshop © to find ways to create the images and effects that I need – with the images from the 35mm slides.

The images are ….

1. Group on a Boat trip 1961

Featuring a group of boat passengers about to set off on a pleasure trip. The subjects in this picture are aware they arebeing photographed, and smiling for the camera.

2. Rocks on the Shore 1978

This image is of people on a rocky shore of a coastal town, seemingly unaware of the camera.

3. Model boat with crowd 1975

In the third photograph, the moment that the image is captured is already indicative that the moment has passed. The photographer concentrates on the model boat and the man in the water. The crowd watching, however, have had their attention taken by something out of shot, which is not shown in the image. People are looking further across the water (to the light side of the photograph) and children are pointing. The captured image suggests that, in the time that it took to focus and take a photograph, something happened out of view of the camera.

Other Artists I have looked at ...

Rebecca Travis – 2011 tissue paper, 35mm mixed media slide projection

Catherine Morland was featured in Contemporary Art Society's ARTfutures 2005 at Bloomberg SPACE.


"Escapism, reverie, altered states of consciousness, thresholds of attention and recalling memory and place are recurring themes in my work. 

In the projection pieces I use light and shadow and soot as my medium. Rotating, flickering and dissolving light reveals fragments of

the image at a time and affects the time it takes for the viewer to see the image in its entirety. I am interested in the play between two states of perception, between shadow and light, the defined and undefined, positive and negative, wakefulness and sleep.

The drawings on glass are made with smoke. They are conceived as after-images, the unstable nature of the medium alluding to something fugitive and unattainable. Using layers and fragmented imagery I hope to present the viewer with a visual journey and a space for contemplation.

In a time of increasingly sophisticated visual experience, a backward glance at the pre-digital age reveals new meaning in outmoded technologies and through my work I question whether it is still possible to confound the senses through the simplest and most ephemeral of means." - Catherine Morland

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