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The three images which I use relate to different periods in my lifetime; the 60’s and 70’s. Many years have elapsed since the photographs were taken and the use of a slide projector is a reminder of an era when analogue images were captured on 35mm film and viewed to the accompaniment of the whirring and clicking of the projector.

The projected analogue image contains every detail and is easy to see. It is this image which signifies the first thirty or so seconds of an occurrence, before the live experience is consigned to memory.

Thursday 20th August

Oh – the Joys of Digital Technology!

Yesterday I hired a Digital projector from the university library. They are not – however – able to loan me a laptop to run the digital slideshow. This is a setback.

Today I have considered my options of a) buying a low-speck laptop or b) getting one made. Option a) is worth considering but would be much more costly than option b) which may take too long at this late stage.

Is there any way of running a slide show from an apple © iPad to the projector. I have an iPad which could be used but they have no USB connector and I cannot rely on Bluetooth at the university.

I seem to remember connecting something like an iPod to a projector and a few (frustrating) hours were spent trying to work out how this was done. I have what seems to be the correct connecting cable but the two devices will not speak to each other. Then I recalled that it was a digital camera that was linked before. Much delving in the loft located the said camera however, after waiting while the flat battery charged up, all attempts to get the camera to speak to the projector (including much trawling through the internet for help), proved futile!

Eventually a trip was made to Maplins in the hope of finding a cable to connect the iPad to the projector. They don’t have one!

Back home and order placed online. I look forward to receiving the connecting cable on Monday – I don’t know if it will work!

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