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The Colour Red


My exhibition space needs to be a dark colour. Why? I want the viewer to have the experience of being within something and that something is the mind. If the viewer was to enter a white area it would seem like a continuation of most of our exhibition space - which is painted white to compliment, not compromise, the artwork. I am using projection, which requires darkness.

My first thoughts were to paint my space black, but any dark shade will work. I can choose a colour which is relevant to the work. My installation represents what happens to memory inside the mind.

What colour is the mind? There is, of course, no definitive answer; after all, the mind is cognitive, visceral, cerebral. It is not physical.

The brian however, is physical and thus has colour. The living brain is made of membranes, fat and blood vessels – so in terms of colour it appears to be mostly red with white and cream coloured parts.

I have painted my exhibition space deep red to emulate the brain.

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