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Hanging the prints

Wednesday 26th August

I have now applied 3 coats of paint to the walls and ceiling of me space. I am not impressed with the end result. It was a mistake to use silk emulsion, as it seems to highlight every bump and flaw in the surface!

I am concerned that sounds from other installations might distract the viewer in my space – which is supposed to be without sound, apart from the clunking of the slide projector and the sound of the projector fans.

Today I have begun to hang the tissues.

Threading the delicate prints onto fishing line was a time-consuming task and attaching the delicate lines to the walls of the space is also not a simple task!

The space is not working for me. The hard walls and sharp angles of the space do not represent the softness of a living organ (brain) in the body. I need to soften the corners of this box like shape and intend to line it with fabric.

The colour red is the right choice and works well. However, as it stands at this present moment, the space does not evoke feelings of entering into a confined, pliable place, representative of inside the mind or brain. Hopefully, I can overcome this with the softness of fabric.


The hanging prints are creating a flimsy screen onto which the 35mm slides are projected. Though I have been unable at this stage to get the space dark enough to see this properly, I am confident that it will work. The slide projector is working well.

At this stage – while I need to be working in the space – I cannot place the front partitions because they will restrict the light.

I am using my iPad with the digital projector and am

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